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Self Love

Self Love

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This Valentine's Day-themed dog sweater features a stripe pattern and a unique "Self Yo self" embroidery detail on the back. The sleeves are designed to be held in place by the sweater itself, making it a convenient and sporty option for daily walks. Perfect for keeping your pup warm and stylish on your walk around the block.
If you would like to add more cuteness to this outfit check match hair bows! 

Don’t forget to check size chart!

  • Small : Neck; 7.8"Chest; 11.4"Back; 8,3"
  • Medium : Neck; 9"Chest; 12.6"Back; 9.4"
  •  Large : Neck; 9.8"Chest; 15"Back; 10.2"
  •  XLarge : Neck; 11"Chest; 17"Back; 11.4"
  •  XXLarge : Neck; 12.6"Chest; 18.9"Back; 13"


XSmall: Neck; 7.8"Chest; 11.4"Back; 8,3"
Small: Neck; 9"Chest; 12.6"Back; 9.4"
Medium: Neck; 9.8"Chest; 15"Back; 10.2"
Large: Neck; 11"Chest; 17"Back; 11.4"
XLarge: Neck; 12.6"Chest; 18.9"Back; 13"
Xxlarge : Neck; 14'' Chest; 22'' Back; 15''

*Please note, lengths may differ slightly from size chart due to neck height.

Care Instructions

Hand wash or delicate mode on wash machine. Line dry.

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