Lilco’s Journey PART 4: From Cutting Fabrics to Selling Worldwide

Lilco’s Journey PART 4: From Cutting Fabrics to Selling Worldwide

With that sense of panic creeping in, I knew I needed to find a solution fast. The idea of me sewing every single garment to fulfil the orders was not feasible, and I had to find a workshop to help me sew my designs. However, funny enough, I didn't even know how to sew them myself. Although I knew how to make patterns and cut fabrics, it was still not enough to fulfil the orders alone.

Finally, I stumbled upon a workshop that could sew my designs, but there was one problem - they only had sewers, and someone had to cut the fabrics before sewing. So, I asked them if I could stay in the workshop to cut them by myself, and they allowed me to do so.

Thus, I found myself staying in the workshop every night until morning, cutting fabrics tirelessly. They would sew the clothes, and I would package them for shipping. This routine went on for almost a year, and although it was exhausting, it was also immensely satisfying. And then, something even bigger happened - I received my first international wholesale order from London, and Lilco was not even a year old yet!

Once again, I was gripped with panic, but I knew that I had to accept the order and deliver it successfully. And that's exactly what we did - we made our first 1000 pieces in just a couple of weeks and sent them out successfully.

It was a massive accomplishment for us, and it made me realize that the world was ready for Lilco, and Lilco was ready for the world.

That's how Lilco started to sell its products all around the world. In the following years, we had many retailers all over the world and countless international customers. Even though I was a psychology graduate, I found myself enjoying this new path in the fashion industry.