About us

Our Purpose

At Lilco, our purpose is to offer stylish and environmentally conscious clothing options for dogs and their humans, all while championing the principles of slow fashion and sustainability. We firmly believe that pets deserve to look fashionable without causing harm to our planet. Our Evergreen Collection is meticulously curated with ethically sourced fabrics, embodying the sophisticated lifestyle choices of conscientious and thoughtful pet owners.

By infusing our philosophy of sustainable living into every aspect of our brand, we aim to provide pet owners with a guilt-free choice that aligns with their values. Beyond being just a brand, we are a movement, inspiring a conscious and compassionate lifestyle where every furry friend can embrace their individuality while reducing their impact on the Earth.

Together, we embrace the beauty of nature, celebrate every moment, and enhance the bond between humans and their beloved companions. Join us on this journey towards a chic yet earth-friendly lifestyle, where sophistication and sustainability seamlessly intertwine.



We are committed to promoting sustainability in every aspect of our brand. We strive to minimize our environmental impact by using ethically sourced materials, reducing waste, and supporting eco-friendly practices.



Integrity and responsibility guide our actions. We ensure fair treatment of workers throughout our supply chain and maintain transparent and ethical business practices.



We take pride in our commitment to exceptional quality and craftsmanship, ensuring our products are durable, comfortable, and made to last.



Our colors and designs are inspired by the beauty of nature, reflecting our deep appreciation for the environment.

From the founder,

 “As the founder of Lilco, I bring together a background in psychology and years of experience within the realm of dog clothing that date back to 2016. Today, I am both humbled and exhilarated to share the remarkable journey of Lilco with you all.


Lilco is not merely a luxurious lifestyle brand for pets and pet lovers; it's a heartfelt mission to revolutionize the pet industry and reshape the way we experience it. Our philosophy is centered around the belief that our pets bring boundless joy to our lives, motivating us to create exquisitely designed, practical products that resonate on a deeper level.

The spark that ignited Lilco's creation was the realization of a void in the market – a dearth of stylish, ethical pet attire that exudes luxury without compromising our values. Our journey commenced as a response to this void, guided by an unyielding commitment to slow fashion and ethical manufacturing practices.

Drawing inspiration from my background in psychology, I recognized the profound emotional connections shared between pets and their owners. This understanding catalyzed our focus on a holistic approach that combines meticulous craftsmanship, eco-conscious materials, and a devotion to our planet's well-being. We proudly produce our collections with integrity, handcrafting each piece through skilled artisans in Turkey. This not only upholds our commitment to ethical manufacturing but also empowers these artisans and nurtures a thriving community.

At Lilco, sustainability isn't just an afterthought; it's the cornerstone of our existence. We understand the significance of responsible choices, which is why our creations are fashioned using cotton fabrics and eco-friendly materials. This synergy between my psychology background and experience in the dog clothing industry fosters a profound understanding of the emotional resonance between pets and their humans. It's this very connection that fuels our resolve to make choices that are not only stylish but also respectful of our environment.

We proudly present our Evergreen Collection – a testament to our values. These garments are meticulously curated with ethically sourced fabrics, symbolizing the conscientious choices that define our journey. As an advocate for slow fashion, Lilco stands as an embodiment of the ideals that many of us hold dear: quality over quantity, ethics over expedience, and a bond with nature that transcends fleeting trends.

Our story doesn't end with fashion; it intertwines with a broader ethos. Lilco is a movement that encourages a compassionate and conscious lifestyle, where the furry members of our families embrace their unique styles while minimizing their ecological footprint. Through our journey, we weave the beauty of nature, the sanctity of companionship, and the elegance of sustainable living into a harmonious tapestry.

I extend an invitation to you all – pet lovers, guardians of the environment, advocates of style with substance – to join hands with us. Together, let's celebrate the spirit of slow fashion, ethical choices, and the timeless bond between humans and their beloved animal companions. Welcome to Lilco, where sophistication and sustainability converge in a symphony of purposeful living.

With heartfelt dedication.”

Işıl Ay Bruce Founder, Lilco