Lilco’s Journey PART 2: The Logo that Captured Lina's Love

Yorkshire terrier laying in the bed

After I came back from the electrifying New York City trip, my mind was buzzing with ideas and I couldn't stop thinking about the possibility of pursuing a business in fashion. Excitedly, I shared my thoughts with my close friends, and from the very first moment, they were incredibly supportive, telling me that they could see me achieving great success in this venture. But I was still clueless about what to call my brand, even though I knew I wanted to carry something meaningful about my first Yorkshire Terrier, Lina, who was the inspiration behind my hobby of designing clothes for small breed dogs.

As I struggled to come up with a name, I remembered something that happened when I adopted Lina. She and her sister were both without names at the time, and the breeder simply referred to them as "little girl" and "other girl." That's when it clicked in my mind that I wanted something with the word "little" in it, but I had no idea what to pair it with. We were all just joking around and calling it the "little company" until the name finally came to me: The Little Company, or as we like to call it, Lilco!

After deciding on the name for my brand, I knew I needed a logo that reflected the simplicity and love I put into my designs. I turned to a talented designer friend of mine, who understood my vision immediately. All I asked was for the logo to be clear and to embody the spirit of Lina's love. A few days later, she presented me with a beautiful and perfect logo, one that needed no changes. It was a collaborative effort among young, passionate women who were dedicated to their work and their friendship. I am forever grateful to them for their unwavering support in my journey and for remaining close friends, even though we now live in different parts of the world. They were there for me in my first steps towards success, and I will always be there for them as well.

for Lina…